MOSAIC Nigeria supports PrEP integration into Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Population (PBFP) Training Manual in collaboration with the Department of Family Health

MOSAIC Nigeria Team during the Advocacy visit to the the Director of the Department of Family Health, Dr Salma Sanas Kolo, Federal Ministry of Health (Immediate past FHI 360 CD)

The FHI 360-led MOSAIC Nigeria team paid an advocacy visit to the Director of the Department of Family Health, Dr Salma Sanas Kolo, Federal Ministry of Health. The Department of Family Health (DFH) plays a prominent and pivotal role in contributing to the improvement of the health indices of the country as well as the achievement of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim of the visit was to integrate PrEP for Pregnant and Breast-feeding Population (PBFB) into Antenatal care, family planning and other training resources and policies.  After the advocacy visit, the MOSAIC team organized a 3-day draft development workshop (27th-29th June 2022) for integration of PrEP in the training curriculum of the Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Population (PBFP). In attendance were 5 key staff of the DFH and the MOSAIC Nigeria team. The workshop was targeted towards identifying the most relevant training resource/training materials for PrEP-RH integration in the Family Health department of the Federal ministry of Health, identifying session/modules to include PrEP in existing documents for the population in question and to develop draft documents on PrEP for inclusion in relevant resource/training materials. During the training, it was discovered that some of the policies have expired, and the department requested for support from the MOSAIC team to review them and integrate PrEP for PBFB. The outcomes of the training include:

  1. MOSAIC identified key areas of support in the area of PBFP/FP integration and has initiated plans to provide support and close gaps
  2. MOSAIC was applauded by the DFH for the meaningful engagement and planned support from the MOSAIC Consortium
MOSAIC Nigeria Team (Jhpiego and FHI 360) with the Participants at the PBFB Workshop on 28th June, 2022


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