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Our Current Projects

Our Work in Nigeria

Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control

Integrated Humanitarian Assistance to Northeast Nigeria Project IV

Integrated Child Health and Social Services Award

Integrated Humanitarian Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons Plus 2

Nourish. Nurture. Grow

Global Fund National Aligned HIV & AIDS Initiative

Maximizing Options to Advance Informed Choice for HIV Prevention

Partnership for Learning for All in Nigerian Education

Integrated Multisectoral Assistance for Conflict-Affected Vulnerable Populations In Greater Maiduguri

Supporting Measurement and Replication Techniques of HIPs

Accelerating Integrated HIV-Hypertension Care and Treatment in Primary Health Care Settings


Scaleup of Treatment and Prevention of SAM and MAM among Children

Dubai Cares Nigeria: Evidence for Education in Emergencies (E-Cubed)

COVID-19 prevention and mitigation for Cameroon refugees and vulnerable populations in Nigeria

Enhancing Global Health Security 

FY 20 English Access

Accelerating Control of the HIV Epidemic in Nigeria Cluster 1 (TA)

Accelerating Control of the HIV Epidemic in Nigeria  Cluster 5 (TA)

C19 RM Sub-NACA (Implemented by GF NAHI) 

Sustainable Programs for HIV Epidemic Control and Equitable Service Delivery Project (SPEED)