EpiC Success Story: Turning Young Professionals to Champions

A success story of Adaobi, an EpiC Intern at IAS as youth Ambassadors

The EpiC Key Population Investment Fund (KPIF) Nigeria intensive, well-tailored internship program geared towards sustainable capacity building of young professionals from diverse backgrounds to enable them to hone their skills, navigate career paths and become great leaders. The internship program, in just five months, has yielded great results through an intern, Pharm. Adaobi Olisa, who was selected as an IAS 2021 Youth Ambassador.

Adaobi during the IAS 2021 Youth Ambassador Programme Participating with other Youth Ambassadors from around the world

Her nomination came from the backdrop of an acquired skill, with close guidance and mentorship from EpiC training on research and documentation, and within five (5) months of her internship program, she has two (2) accepted local and international papers with a poster presentation at the recently concluded 2021 IAS conference.

IAS accepted her abstract and offered her the opportunity to apply for the IAS 2021 Youth Ambassadors Program. The young EpiC Intern made the list of the 30 famous IAS 2021 finalists for the Global Youth Ambassadors, and she featured prominently. During the IAS 2021 conference, she had one-on-one discussions with the IAS leadership, experts from the conference, prime session speakers, and other inspiring young leaders.

In her own words “the EpiC- KPIF in Nigeria internship program has been a result-oriented and amazing experience. The EpiC team has provided a creative and nurturing environment which has helped me learn and grow so much in such a short time”

Many thanks to EpiC KPIF Nigeria and HQ leadership for all the team support.


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