Rana Stories from the Heart: The Inspiring Story of Hauwa Ahmad

The Inspiring Story of a family’s only Girl-Child; Hauwa Ahmad

The first thing one notices about Hauwa is her calm demeanor and reserved nature. Growing up as the only girl child in a family of six, 13-year-old Hauwa Ahmad stayed at home to help her step-mother with domestic chores while her brothers were enrolled in school. Despite the huge responsibility placed on her as the only girl child in the family, Hauwa did not relent in her pursuit to receive an education. In 2018, she was enrolled at one of the Reading and Numeracy Activity (RANA) -Haske1 implementing Integrated Qur’anic Schools (IQS), Makaratan Allon Gidan Liman, Jatau in Kan Madaki Local Government Area (LGA), Bauchi State, where she started learning how to read. Within a short period of time, Hauwa became a star pupil in the IQS which is remarkable because when asked, she said there was no help with her homework from family members and she does not own any textbooks. Hauwa finds learning fun because the RANA-Haske1 programme introduced dramas, songs, chants, and proverbs as part of the methods for instruction in class. When asked about her future ambition, she says “I would like to be a Medical Doctor when I grow up, so that I can help to save lives”

While Hauwa’s learning achievement improved significantly, she continued to face challenges at home which made her late to school every morning and absent in some cases. However, Hauwa’s love for learning did not go unnoticed by her class-teacher and the Proprietor Mallam Sani Imam who intervened and helped to resolve the challenges she encountered at home, by discussing with her father and other members of the Centre Based Committee (CBMC) in the

Beaming with pride when told about her academic prowess, Hauwa’s father now understands the importance of supporting her and promises to ensure that she is mainstreamed into the formal education system to enable her to
achieve her dreams.

The CBMC have also stretched out their support with hope that, if she succeeds with her ambition of being a Medical Doctor someday in the future, it will benet the entire community. Perhaps, Hauwa will set a pace for her peers and be an example for many homes in Jatau community, where educating a girl child within limited resources is seen to have less benefit.

The Haske intervention as part of the RANA programme, continues to push boundaries in improving reading, numeracy and livelihood skills of pupils in non-formal schools. More out-of-school children in the target communities now show interest in attending school due to the fun methods of classroom instruction introduced by the programme.


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