IHAP+2 Building Local Capacity for Sustainability

In August 2022, FHI 360 and the NNPC/SNEPCo. ‘s Independent Quality Assurance Consultant, Ipoade Omilaju, organized a one-day advocacy and sustainability workshop at Kaigamari Primary School Bama, Bama LGA of Borno state.

The NNPC/SNEPCo.’s consultant, Ipoade Omilaju facilitating the sustainability workshop. Photo credit: FHI 360

The workshop, which is part of the Integrated Humanitarian Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons Plus 2 Project (IHAP+2) sustainability plan, focused on building and strengthening the capacity of PHC department staff, Indimi PHC government staff, community leaders, community volunteers, and FHI 360 Staff. Also, to ensure understanding of the project and continuity of service after project closeout

The facilitator, Ipoade Omilaju, supported through a translator, highlighted key topics: Introduction to advocacy and sustainability, Identifying and engaging key stakeholders, Sustainability framework, and Stakeholder analysis matrix.

Representatives of NNPC/SNEPCo. joined the workshop virtually to motivate the participants to take ownership of the project and ensure skill transfer to the local community members for sustainability when the project phases out.

Various Stakeholders, including LGA officials, and local government Primary Health Care department staff, expressed gratitude to NNPC/SNEPCo and FHI 360 for supporting their community. They committed to ensuring judicious support and management of the facilities after the project close.

The PHC-in-charge, Bashir Adamu, stated, “This project is the first of its kind in Bama LGA where the donor constructs a facility and donates it to the government. It also focuses on building the capacity of local staff and volunteers and engaged with us from the start to support the project’s implementation and sustainability, which is worth noting. We will continue to support the project and ensure prudent use of the facilities.

Baba Kura Alhaji Mukhtar, Bulama Indimi Housing Estate, added, “The people of Indimi Housing Estate have been part of the project from the start. We were fully informed about each project step, and the FHI 360 team always sought our opinion and advice. It gave us a sense of belonging. We are grateful for this support.” The NNPC/SNEPCo.’s IHAP+2 project, since February 2022, has provided basic primary and reproductive health care, integrated with WASH, nutrition, and protection at the Indimi PHC clinic, targeting more than 40,000 IDPs and returnees to reduce human suffering.

Community stakeholders and other Participants during the group work session. Photo credit: FHI 360
The Consultant, Ipoade Omilaju, with participants during the workshop. Photo credit: FHI 360


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