EpiC Key Population Investment Fund (KPIF) Project Director advocacy visit to the former Comptroller General of the Nigeria Correctional Service

EpiC Project Director, Dr. Patrick Ikani receiving an award of recognition from Alhaji Ja’Afaru Ahmed,
Comptroller General, Nigerian Correctional Center Abuja.

As part of efforts to establish a holistic framework towards sustainability in the achievements of the EpiC program, The EpiC team initiated strong partnerships with various levels of stakeholders involved in the project. Following a detailed stakeholder analysis, the team planned advocacy visits to several stakeholders one of which is the Comptroller General, Nigerian Correctional Center Abuja.  The visit provided the platform for the EpiC Project Director to meet with the then Comptroller-General, Nigeria Correctional Service, Alhaji Ja’Afaru Ahmed to solicit the agency’s support for the project.  The Comptroller General pledged the agency support to EpiC project and also promised to provide the team with all the necessary information required to work in the states where EpiC is been implemented.

In the past two years of project implementation, the project has conducted several capacity-building programs for about 14 health personnel of the correctional services in Bayelsa and Niger States, and have also supported running cost for the correctional center’s health facilities.  A total of 53 inmates are enrolled on treatment with a viral suppression of 97%.  He was presented with an award by the immediate past head of the organization. The FHI 360 EpiC Project Director, Dr. Patrick Ikani made history as he was the major project that met with the highest authority of the Nigerian Correctional Service


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