Strengthening Humanitarian Response and Sustainability in Nigeria (SURE-SN PROJECT)

 Duration: January 2023 – January 2024

In 2023, FHI 360 proposes the Strengthening Humanitarian Response and Sustainability in Nigeria – (SURE-SN) project. As part of the SURE-SN strategy, FHI 360 shall ensure essential services are accessible to conflict-affected and displaced populations to reduce their suffering and support recovery.

FHI 360 will ensure successful collaboration with the state government, local partners, humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and United Nations agencies. FHI 360 will strengthen and foster strong relationships with key actors in Borno State through cluster coordination sector meetings and participatory planning meetings with IDPs, targeted communities, community leaders and local groups. Furthermore, FHI 360 will identify and work with community-based organizations (CBOs) to build their capacity and support them in understanding the intervention and strategy to provide assistance during and post-implementation.   

Within the project, FHI 360 will support relevant government agencies’ participation in implementation through joint supportive supervision visits and capacity building. Supporting them to conduct quarterly Integrated Supportive Supervision visits to health facilities and other service delivery points to promote local ownership of activities and foster a smooth handover as part of our sustainability and exit strategy. FHI 360, through the SURE-SN project, will maintain flexibility to respond to fluctuating needs, especially possible disease outbreaks and crises, and scale up/down its interventions based on location-specific context/security. 

FHI 360 has identified a multi-sector purpose to integrate services and resilience in conflict-affected and displaced communities with Health, Nutrition, WASH, Protection, and ERMS services as the most critical lifesaving and sustainable priorities for the program.

LOCATION: Bama, Ngala, Damasak, Dikwa, & Banki. (5 locations in Borno State).