Sabon Gari LGA Council Kaduna Chairman Commits to Facilitate Teacher Recruitment for Children with Disabilities

Sabon Gari LGA Council Kaduna Chairman Commits to Facilitate Teacher Recruitment for Children with Disabilities


Iya Bashir Aminu Model Primary School is one of the PLANE focal schools located in the Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State. It has 46 children with disabilities (27 male and 19 female), but without a permanent teacher to teach any of the core subjects such as literacy, numeracy, basic science, and sign language. The school has one of the highest number of children with disabilities. This makes it imperative to recruit permanent teachers to handle children with special needs who might require a special instructional strategy. This suggests the need to employ teachers professionally trained in special education. 

The Nigeria government enforced the lockdown during the onset of COVID-19. Existing movement restrictions in and out of the camps beyond trenches limit IDPs from engaging in farming – the people’s mainstay. Thus, increasing IDPs dependent on humanitarian aid. As the number of infections increases, humanitarian actors innovate to meet the evolving needs.

Engr. Muhammed I. Usman, Executive Chairman Sabon Gari LGA - “God almighty will judge us as leaders if we don’t support children with disabilities to enjoy their right to education and reach their full potential.”

As part of efforts to address the challenge of a lack of teachers in the school, PLANE, in collaboration with the Education Secretary of the LGEA and SBMC chairman, visited the Sabon Gari Council Chairman, Engr. Muhammed I. Usman, to advocate the need for the recruitment of teachers in the school. The chairman, while reiterating his LGA’s determination to ensure quality and inclusive education is provided and apparently convinced by the message of advocacy, promised to liaise with Kaduna SUBEB to recruit the four teachers for Iya Bashir Aminu Model Primary School. He said the issue will be discussed during their council meeting the next day, and they will send a letter to SUBEB in that regard. In response to our advocacy message, he assured the team that before the process of recruitment is concluded, the Local Government Council will make proper arrangements to provide a monthly stipend to the four volunteer teachers at the school to sustain their engagement. 

Group Photo with the Chairman during the visit.