PLANE Project training for Master Trainers and School Support Officers

PLANE project organized a 10-day training for Master Trainers and School Support Officers across the three (3) implementation states of Kano, Kaduna, and Jigawa. The goal of the training was to build the capacity of selected master trainers, school support officers and state education partners to train and provide technical assistance to teachers in PLANE-supported schools to implement the pedagogy of teaching foundational skills at the lower grade level. A total of 228 (175 male, 53 female) participants from Jigawa, Kaduna, and Kano states attended the training. The objective of the training was to provide opportunities to Master Trainers to develop skills to facilitate, create and manage a learner-based environment that would be taught to foundational skills teachers. Other objectives are to equip master trainers with the relevant knowledge and skills to effectively step down the training to teachers and to equip teachers to plan and prepare inclusive classroom setting, oversee safety and educational programs, supervises children in the classroom, provides a supportive environment in which children can learn and practice appropriate and acceptable individual and group behaviors. A professional training manual was developed for the training.

At the end of the training, the capacity of the master trainers, school support officers, and state education partners was developed to enhance the comprehensive step down to KKJ states teachers, which will manifest in schoolteacher training to improve foundational learning for Nigerian school children. Similarly, at the end of the engagement, the master trainers were groomed to master the basics of teaching to ensure every pupil in Primary 1 and Primary 2 are impacted with a positive learning experience, as well as conduct regular monitoring, adjusting teaching strategy where necessary, engaging in systematic problem solving and teaching personal accountability based on the training planning/curriculum.