NE-CORE Consortium Quarterly Review

NE-CORE Consortium Quarterly Review: Celebrating Achievements and Planning for Year Two


On February 27, 2024, our USAID-funded Strengthening Humanitarian Response and Building Community Resilience (NE-CORE) consortium project led by FHI 360 in collaboration with Mercy Corps, INTERSOS, and DRC held its quarterly review meeting.

During the meeting, the consortium partners evaluated the performance of the project recognizing key achievements such as successful cross-sector and cross-organization integration, active engagement and inclusion of local stakeholders, and effective referral of project participants to access various services.

They also identified areas of improvement as the first year of the project approaches its conclusion. In addition, strategies were developed to facilitate a smooth program implementation in the second year and exit strategy.

The NE-CORE consortium project implemented across Bama, Ngala, and Mobbar LGAs of Borno State, aims to provide immediate basic needs for 369,711 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in camps and host communities and ensure vulnerable families have access to food needs, shelter, clean water, and sanitation while receiving health, nutrition, and protection services needed to survive and be protected.