FHI360 Offers a New Lease of Life to the People of Bama

FHI360 Offers a New Lease of Life to the People of Bama


Since the insurgency began in northeast Nigeria, houses, schools, and government properties, have been destroyed. The series of attacks within the past 10 years have also rendered many citizens displaced, uneducated and jobless.

Therefore, as part of efforts to resuscitate the region, FHI 360 with the support of USAID, improved and provided access to good latrine facilities for over 100 households in Borno State.

Hajja Shehuram Bukar, a 55-year-old woman, expressed her joy towards the newly constructed latrine system in her house, she said this has never been done in Bama LGA.

I am a mother of 6, and we have been in Bama all our lives. The insurgency affected us in the sense that most of our property and structure were destroyed during the 2020 attack, but we still struggle to survive, life must go on,” she said.

We constructed a local toilet at the back of our house, although it was serving the purpose, it was not hygienic and safe for any of us, there was no privacy, during harmattan you dare not bath outside because of the cold, and also the floor was not constructed well, there was always this fear the floor might collapse anytime soon, I was always scared for my children whenever they made use of the toilet due to the fear of it collapsing.

Newly constructed toilet

“Not until FHI 360 came to our rescue, the support was massive, and a lot of families and community members were assisted with the standard latrine. I thought it was a joke when I was approached and informed, we were used to having a community latrine, but this time they said it would be a household latrine. I was so happy and hoping it will come to a realization.

FHI 360 provided 100 households with all essential materials and insisted the beneficiaries play a role in ensuring the construction of the latrines.

“It was a dream come true as I received the materials, immediately my husband and I ensured we constructed the latrine as it will serve a greater purpose for our family. As I am speaking to you now, the latrine has been completed and we ensure we maintain it properly. I want to say a big thank you to FHI 360 and USAID for this wonderful support, may Allah bless you.” Hajja Shehuram expresses her joy

FHI 360 will continue scaling up to reach more affected households and ensure access to basic amenities like water, health, nutrition, and protection services.

The newly constructed latrine in Shehuram’s compound