FHI 360 upholds

Innovation. Mutual respect. Passion. Accountability. Commitment to excellence. Teamwork.

The science of improving lives.

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Our Mission & Vision

A Nigeria with equal opportunity

FHI 360 envisions a world in which all individuals and communities have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. FHI 360 is on a mission to improve lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions for human development.


To meet the evolving needs of our beneficiaries, funders and partners

Mutual respect

For diversity and cultural differences


Driven by a personal commitment to make a positive difference


For our work, measuring, reporting and continually improving all that we do

Commitment to excellence

Assured by the highest ethical, quality, operational performance and scientific standards


Across disciplines and geographies, within the organization and with our partners.

FHI 360 work in Nigeria addresses a broad range of human development challenges.

FHI 360 works with Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders to drive locally driven solutions to the crucial human development and humanitarian challenges in Nigeria. These solutions cover thefollowing key technical areas;

HIV & Tuberculosis
Sexual & Gender Based Violence
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Our work in Nigeria