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Health and Nutrition Intervention for Cameroonian Refugees in South-South Nigeria

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Since the humanitarian crisis in the Anglophone speaking part of Cameroon started in 2016, there has been an influx of Cameroonian refugees into Nigeria. According to UNHCR, more than 60,000 Cameroonian refugees are currently in either settlements or host communities in Nigeria. UNHCR has provided funding to FHI 360 to respond to this humanitarian crisis by implementing this project from 2019 to 2020.

The project is being implemented in 12 primary health care centers that span across two states;

  • Cross River State: Ogoja/Yala, Obanliku, Ikom, Akamkpa, Bakassi, Calabar Municipality To improve learning in reading, math and science in line with Basic Non-Formal Education Curriculum for Integrated Qura'nic Schools
  • Benue State: Kwande LGA

L: Implementation in CRS. R: Implementation in Benue State.

The project aims to strengthen delivery of primary health care services including but not limited to reproductive health, HIV/AIDS Services, maternal and child health, immunization, communicable and non-communicable diseases by providing technical assistance to government systems and structures in further strengthening quality preventive and curative nutrition and health care services in Benue and Cross River state


  • Improve the health status of the population
  • Improve access of population to reproductive health and HIV services
  • Improve the nutritional well-being of population

Project activity

The key project activities include;

Engage with relevant stakeholders to coordinate healthcare for Cameroonian refugees in Cross River and Benue State

Provide essential primary health care services

Facilitate referrals to secondary and tertiary levels of health care

Provide training and clinical mentoring for health workers

Performance on each indicator

The project has achieved the following;

Served 14,168 refugees and 13,222 host community members with essential primary health care services

Facilitated referral completion and treatment of 190 refugees to secondary and tertiary levels of care

Constructed 12 medical waste incinerators across 7 LGAs

Supplied medical equipment across 12 PHCs located in 7 LGAS across Benue and Cross River

Installed 5KVA Solar Inverter and 240L Solar Refrigerators in four PHCs

Provided 12 Nurse/Midwives, 4 Medical Doctors, 12 Laboratory Technicians, 12 Data Assistants, 12 Pharmacy Technicians across the 7 project LGAs

Success Story

Samuel (not his real name) was born with congenital cataract. He lived with blindness since birth. With support of the UNHCR Funded HNIR Project he was referred to a tertiary health facility where he went through cataract removal surgery. He can now see!

Samuel, before and after the surgery.

Social Impact

Improved health and nutrition status Cameroonian refugees and host community